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The SAT Boot Camp

Ethan D., our highest-scoring student from our Summer 2019 class, earned a 1560 on the actual SAT.

Developed by College Board personnel and UCLA alumnus Dr. Hao-Nhien Vu, Orchid LQ Academy’s SAT prep boot camp is a rigorous seven-week program that includes both lectures and practice tests designed to enhance and improve a student’s standardized performance.


Students enrolled in the program will take practice examinations each week, as well as attend

lectures that focus on building concepts in math,

reading comprehension, standard English

conventions, argumentative writing, and critical thinking—all part of the SAT.


At Orchid LQ, SAT prep students will not only be familiar with the SAT but will also learn to develop academic skills necessary for higher education.

The University of California system will not consider SAT or ACT scores for undergraduate enrollments. Private universities vary in terms of test score requirements, so make sure to look at each school's admission guidelines before enrolling in an SAT program.

Important Notice Regarding
Our SAT Program

Currently, we only offer SAT prep through one-on-one sessions. There is no set number of time or weeks; students can tailor their schedule according to (1) their own pace/needs and (2) recommendation from our director and/or coordinator. 

If you are a student who will only apply to universities within the University of California system, you are not required to take the SAT. If you are applying to a private university, please check the university's website or speak to an admissions officer for information regarding testing. 


Proven to increase students' scores by 250 points.


Developed by college academics with doctoral degrees from UCLA

and USC.


Students apply concepts  through practice problems and work closely with instructors.


Comprehensive tests and study guides, as well as thorough feedback from instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the SAT?

The SAT (originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized exam used by most colleges and universities to evaluate a high school student's college readiness. Administered by the College Board, the SAT is a multiple-choice, paper-and-pencil test that students take during their junior or senior year. College admission officers review SAT scores along with a college applicant's high school GPA, personal essays, and, depending on the school, admissions interviews and letters of recommendations. As of December 2019, the maximum SAT score is a 1600.

Q: What is on the SAT?

The test is divided into two mandatory sections: (1) math and (2) evidence-based reading and writing. The SAT Essay is an optional third section. Some universities, however, require a completion of the essay portion.


Q: Who teaches Orchid LQ Academy's SAT Prep? 


Orchid LQ's SAT prep program is designed by academics with doctoral degrees from UCLA and USC. Dr. Vu, our SAT program director, serves as an AP grader for the College Board and as a math professor at Coastline Community College.


The SAT lectures, on the other hand, are taught by SAT professionals who have received near perfect to perfect scores on the tests. For the previous SAT prep boot camp (Summer 2019), math experts from Princeton University and New York University led the math courses while a master’s student in English literature from Loyola Marymount University taught English.

Q: What is the average class size of the SAT Boot Camp?


Educators at Orchid LQ Academy believe in small class sizes for enhanced learning. Before the pandemic, lecture classes typically included 8 to 15 students; however, due to our COVID guidelines, this year's SAT class will have no more than 6 students.


Through a smaller learning environment, students can ask more questions about topics they don’t understand and can receive more guidance from instructors.

Q: Will students take practice tests under real SAT rules?

Yes, students will take practice examinations in our center under actual SAT conditions. The practice tests will be timed and proctored to help students prepare for the standardized test.


Q: How can I keep track of my child’s performance?


Each week, students will receive detailed score reports regarding the practice exam taken for that week. Both parents and students are highly encouraged to save these reports.

Have more questions? Reach out to us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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