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From after-school tutoring to our challenging summer program, Orchid LQ can help your child succeed academically. Choose a program below to learn more about our center.

Education grows here.

Summer Program

"I never fully understood all the theories that went into making a proof, but the math lessons helped me understand them, and now I can do them a little bit better." - Amy L., Summer 2017 student

"There were many things I needed to improve on such as grammar, and my tutor helped me along the way. I learned how to improve and how to write better." - Demi P., Summer 2017 student

Writing-intensive English

courses for all grade levels.

Small class sizes (6 - 10 students

per class) led by experts with educational backgrounds from Princeton, UCLA, UCI, and more.

Math classes include but are not limited to: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Cal, and AP Calculus.

Summer Program

After School

"Being enrolled at Orchid LQ let me feel confident in classes I used to struggle with. The tutors who help me are real life savers." - Nathan V., after-school student

Our center provides learning assistance to help students achieve higher grades. Whether it's math, reading, or writing, Orchid LQ's expert instructors can provide the necessary support and, at the same time, encourage students to strive for more. At Orchid LQ, we make sure students stay ahead and meet their academic goals.

For more general information about our after-school program or for enrollment inquiries, email us at or call (714) 468-7706.

Test preparation to make sure

students have mastered the concepts.

Small learning environment

led by expert instructors with

in-depth knowledge in their field.

Extra practice tailored for each student's need and designed to help the student stay ahead.

After School


Orchid LQ's one-on-one tutoring sessions allow students to work closely​ with our instructors. One-on-one meetings are more focused, and a student can learn at his or her own pace and not feel pressured by a group environment. Moreover, in one-on-one sessions, instructors can fully keep track of the student's progress and properly assess his or her academic strengths and weaknesses.

Students who need educational assistance in Advanced Placement (AP) courses are strongly encouraged to sign up for one-on-one sessions. Aside from these students, students who prefer personalized attention and students who require more practice and assistance in specific academic areas (and even college students) should enroll in one-on-one tutoring.

For enrollment inquiries or for more information regarding our one-on-one sessions, email us at or call (714) 468-7706.

Frequent feedback from instructors.

Low stress environment where

students can be more independent

and not rely on others.

Eliminates many distractions

and students can focus more.



Whether it's applying for colleges, preparing for the SAT/ACT, or choosing which classes to take, the academic process can be a difficult task. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nguyen, and she can help guide you throughout the process.

For inquiries or for more information regarding, email us at or call (714) 468-7706.

Expert guidance.

College and university assistance.

Thorough feedback.

Little Authors


"Great learning environment and wonderful tutors."

Timothy T. / After-School Student

"The teachers here have personality, and students could show personality as well. All of this made me have a change of heart, a different mindset..."

Richard P. / Summer 2017 Student

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