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Important Update: As of April 2021, all Orchid LQ staff members are either fully vaccinated or have received at least the first dose of a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

Dear Orchid LQ Family, 


As we get closer to the beginning of our summer session, many of you are wondering how our center will implement the necessary health precautions and regulations to ensure the safety of both our students and staff.  The health of our Orchid LQ family is our number one priority, especially in these tumultuous times, so the following measures and guidelines will be placed for our in-person summer classes:


1. Mandatory Face Coverings

Students and staff are required to wear CDC-approved face masks at all times. Any person without a proper mask will be prohibited from entering our center.

2. Arrival and Pick-Up

Upon arrival, students must form a line and maintain three-feet distance outside the entrance. For pick-ups, students will wait at various areas throughout the center to avoid large gatherings. 


3. Temperature Check

Prior to entering our center, students and employees will have their temperatures checked through contactless digital thermometers. Students and staff who are not feeling well and are exhibiting symptoms such as sore throat, headache, cough, and/or loss of taste MUST stay home and are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19.

4. Classroom Social Distancing

Each classroom will occupy no more than seven students. Seats are three feet apart from each other.


5. Increased Sanitation

Clean and sanitize classrooms, as well as frequently touched surfaces and other areas, twice: before class begins and again during a mini break from each learning session.


6. Visiting and Restroom Use

Parents are not allowed to enter our center UNLESS they have a scheduled appointment. Restroom use will also be limited to students and staff only. NO EXCEPTIONS.


7. Miscellaneous 

Unlike the previous academic years, Orchid LQ Academy WILL NOT be providing school supplies this summer. Students are prohibited from sharing any supplies and are also strongly encouraged to bring their own water and snacks.


We expect everyone’s cooperation to make our learning environment safer and more successful than ever. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Thank you.

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