Rigorous 7-week boot camp that includes both lectures and practice tests designed to improve a student's standardized performance.



Orchid LQ provides one-on-one sessions where lessons are tailored for the student. In one-on-one tutoring, a student can learn at his or her own pace without pressure from other students.



Our after-school program offers learning assistance designed to help students achieve higher grades and stay ahead. 



Our center offers individual sessions and workshops for students who need assistance in writing college admissions essays.



Want a 5 on your AP test? Through course lectures and review, our expert instructors can help you conquer your AP tests.


Whether it's applying for colleges, preparing for the SAT/ACT, or choosing which classes to take, the academic process can be a difficult task. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nguyen, and she can help guide you throughout the process.



Orchid LQ Academy provides year-round learning programs and specialized solutions to help students achieve their full potential.


Founded by Dr. Orchid Nguyen, our center provides assistance and tutoring in areas such as Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Language, Literature, Writing, and more. Our instructors are all professionals with in-depth knowledge in their chosen field, and they work with a variety of students from all grade levels (elementary, middle school, high school, and college).

At Orchid LQ, we are passionate about education and understand that each student has a different learning style. By creating an environment where students can openly discuss ideas and solutions with their teachers, we make sure that students embrace knowledge and help them build their confidence in order to succeed.


"The teachers have taught me even if I can't do it,  I have to try. If I get something wrong, they will explain it to me." - Katie L., Summer 2017 student


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OFFICE HOURS: M-Th from 3:30 - 4:45 pm; Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

TUTORING HOURS: M-Th from 3:30 - 7:30 pm; Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

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