Writing-intensive English

courses for all grade levels.

Small class sizes (6 - 10 students

per class) led by experts with educational backgrounds from Princeton, UCLA, UCI, and more.

Math classes include but are not limited to: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Cal, and AP Calculus.


Test preparation to make sure

students have mastered the concepts.

Small learning environment

led by expert instructors with

in-depth knowledge in their field.

Extra practice tailored for each student's need and designed to help the student stay ahead.


Frequent feedback from instructors.

Low stress environment where

students can be more independent

and not rely on others.

Eliminates many distractions

and students can focus more.


Develop well-crafted 

personal narratives for

UCs and private universities.

One-on-one session 

ensures privacy and confidentiality.

Areas covered include but are not

limited to: grammar, sentence 

structure, coherence, and organization.


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