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Long T.,

Summer 2017 Student

The teachers here were very helpful into guiding me through the basics of each lesson. They have helped me in Geometry and English very much.

Nathan V.,

After-School Student

Being enrolled at Orchid LQ let me feel confident in classes I used to struggle with. The staff that help me are real life-savers.

Timothy T.,

After-School Student

Great learning environment and wonderful tutors.

Summer Program

  • Small class sizes (6-10 students)

  • Writing-intensive English courses

  • Variety of math classes (Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg.2/Trig, Pre-Cal, and more)

  • Led by experts from UCLA, UCI, and more.

Orchid LQ's summer program aims to promote and strengthen student knowledge in both English and math. In our summer classes, students not only develop the academic skills necessary to stay ahead but also the confidence to tackle challenging courses in their upcoming school year.

Schedule for the 2020 Summer School Program will be available soon. 

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